Pet Loss Support and Animal Communication – The 5 Biggest Mistakes Identifying Pet Reincarnation |

Usually it begins like this:A. “It’s been weeks since my precious pet crossed to Rainbow Bridge. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. My life is devastated; I’m not whole without her. In one week, I’ll meet my new fur baby for the very first time. I’m starting to get nervous, anxious, excited but also feel mixed emotions. I want this to be my beloved companion returning to me. There is something very familiar about her and I know she is an old soul.”B. “I put a hold on this puppy… On the way there my past pet’s ‘song’ played on the radio – followed by a car that had a registration plate ‘WOOF 49’ – then on the way back right next to my car was ‘Dog Lovers’ car.. The signs were GOOD.When I got there, there were two almost identical puppies. I was inclined to the one that appeared most like my old pet. I held him, gave him a cuddle, he was beautiful.I played with another puppy and then said out loud, no, I think ‘he is the one’ – pointing to the original puppy. At that moment the pup in my arms opened his eyes (he is two weeks old), ‘talked’ then started to lick me… Then I KNEW – the one in my arms was my dog. So I told the owner – No, I like this one – and the little puppy looked up at me and poked out his tongue! I pick him up in 4 weeks. Today I feel truly blessed. I am the happiest I have felt in a long long time. Returning home in 4 weeks, hope for my sake, that it’s not wishful thinking.”C. “My baby is coming back to me soon. I’ve had signs. I feel it in my heart. It’s true according to the reading from my AC.”As an Animal Communicator that looks at a pet’s energy patterns while alive, deceased or in the future, the worst scenario is to tell your client their pet is not returning when their heart’s expectation and personal belief is hoping for another outcome.What can go wrong when a pet parent believes that their “baby” is returning and its’ not? The examples above demonstrate some of the 5 most common errors in mistaking the wrong pet as a reincarnated one.1. The AC did not ask your pet for permission to read them so they don’t get 100% access to all the information they need to know. The AC didn’t have a strong clear connection and was unable to provide specific detailed “only you would know” information. Although it’s what you want to hear, “He loves you,” “She misses you,” “He’s fine at Rainbow Bridge,” “of course he’s coming back,” “he’ll be multicolored” is generic input. Even though it may soothe your emotions at that time, it’s not a genuine connection with your pet.2. The Pet Psychic who gives free readings and approaches you with information claiming your pet contacted them and “here’s what your pet wanted you to know.” Usually the info is exactly what your heart is yearning to hear. Remember- “free” doesn’t guarantee accuracy.Many vulnerable emotions are hurt by readings from non-professionals and practicing ACs who say what you want to hear when you hired them. They telepathically or psychically get “just enough” correct details that you buy into all their information. In the long run, this damages the heart of the listener, the integrity of the Animal Communication profession and the validity of reincarnation.3. The AC who states “He’s at Rainbow Bridge and hasn’t made up his mind yet.” Or “I can tell you at a later reading.” Those words mean that the AC could not access the information you want to know.IF a pet has a soul contract with you that agreement was made BEFORE you came on Earth. Therefore that information IS available at any time to someone who can connect to the correct frequency.It’s not necessary to have more than one reading about reincarnation with an AC. Any and all information you want to know is in your pet’s energy field whether alive, deceased or reincarnated. That’s correct, you can read a pet that is alive and know if they are going to reincarnate or not. Additionally whether alive or dead, you can know when, where and what they will look like in future lives! Just look at their energy and what you see is what you tell your client.4. The second biggest error. HOPE and “missing your baby” and willful expectations that “he IS returning” often overrides the truth that your pet is NOT going to come back. Some people decide when, what litter he will be born into, what she will look like and then proclaim it to be so. No matter how you justify or cling to the wish that you have a reincarnated pet with all sorts of signs, “my Guides told me so,” “my AC told me so” or other self explained erroneous information, it’s just not so.According to the scientific law of Physics, every living thing has a very specific individual energy pattern that makes up its unique identity. Look at and examine each animal’s energy identification pattern. If the deceased or living pet’s ID and the new or future animal’s ID don’t match, then that pet is not reincarnated. Throughout all of time, incarnation after incarnation, your pet’s unique energy ID stays the same! It’s just that simple.5. And last but not least, THE BIGGEST ERROR of all!!! “He feels so familiar and almost looks like my deceased pet, plus I’ve gotten signs while I was looking for him and I hope I’m not wrong.”Many people mistake an animal from their deceased pet’s Soul group as their reincarnated pet. The new animal feels very familiar because it has a similar vibrational pattern as the original being. It’s like recognizing 2 sisters or cousins in the same family grouping. You recognize the connection to the original pet’s energy although it is not your beloved companion.If you look at each animal’s energy, the two individual energy patterns when overlaid on one another do not match. The original pet’s energy is a square peg and the new pet’s energy looks like a round hole. However, both are in the same puzzle/ family/ Soul group.When you look at a living or deceased pet’s identification pattern and follow their energy into a future timeframe, if your pet is going to reincarnate, what you see is the exact energy pattern of the original pet replicated into the new reincarnated pet’s body! A picture is worth a thousand heartbeats ï��Ask yourself, are you processing the information available to you truthfully or clinging onto or manufacturing misinformation to satisfy your grief and longings? Sometimes saying to yourself “I hope I’m not making a mistake” is actually the true answer to your own question.Whether your pet Returns from Rainbow Bridge or not, either way they have never stopped loving you and have never left your side. Your pet’s Love is NEVER ending, forever and ALWAYS!